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What can I do when parenting feels hard?

We all have really hard days in parenting, where we are exhausted and overwhelmed, pushed right to the edge, where there are a lot of tears and emotion, where we respond harshly to our children and where it all feels impossible and so far away from how we want it to be in our families. […]

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The Challenges of Motherhood in Modern Times

It is Mother's Day today in Australia. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. I send you lots of love and acknowledgement. Motherhood is hard work and showing up with loving care for our children everyday deserves respect and admiration, every day!  We were not designed to do this in nuclear families. For […]

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Listening to our Children's Feelings

The Aware parenting perspective is that crying is a natural mechanism for relieving stress, for healing from trauma, and for recovery and relaxation. Our tears contain the stress hormone Cortisol so crying is literally the process of removing stress from our bodies. In order for this natural system to be effective, feelings must be heard […]

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How to Respond to Tantrums.

Crying, raging and tantrums are misunderstood in our society, seen as something bad, something to eliminate, something to punish. I recently heard from a friend that her son’s school had been in touch with her because her 4 year old who had just started Kindy was having tantrums at school and she wondered if there […]

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Why I am so passionate about Natural Learning.

This blog is not about Aware Parenting and is not the Aware Parenting perspective. It is my personal opinion about school and the impact schooling has on societies all around the world. I fully respect everyone’s right to choose for themselves what is right for their children and their family. If you or your children […]

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The Best Way to Help our Children to Cooperate: Loving Limits

How do we support our children to cooperate, to be loving to their siblings, to help in the family, to respond to us with love and ease? Parenting feels so much easier when our children are behaving in these ways than when they are fighting with their siblings, refusing to cooperate, arguing and shouting. But […]

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Raising Happy, Healthy Children; Aware Parenting and Natural Learning.

Best Parenting Style: What’s the best parenting style for raising happy children? What’s it like to be raised with Aware Parenting and Natural Learning? What have my children taught me about parenting after 18 years? Parenthood is hard, especially in our small nuclear families without the village around us to support us and share the […]

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Can my children go to University if we Homeschool?

I hear this question so often from clients, family and friends and I used to really worry about this too. I had a very traditional education and went to uni, as was expected of me, and then did post-graduate studies too. And then I taught at university for 10 years doing clinical supervision. So when […]

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What I wish I had known about Homeschooling when I started.

When we first chose to homeschool, I never imagined that we would keep doing it all the way through our children’s “school” years. But now, after supporting their learning for 18 years, I look back and see so many things that I wish I had known at the beginning and so much that I wish […]

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Special Time

Just back from a whole weekend of Special time with my beautiful daughter. Now that my kids are teenagers, they are often off on their own adventures and I miss the days when they were little and wanted to be with me everyday and play with me all the time.  So I made a new […]

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Essential tips for Parenting teenagers

Aware Parenting with Teenagers The teenage years can be really challenging for children and parents. It is a time of significant change and growth and our teens often experience difficult struggles. This can include school stress, exams, peer conflicts, harsh discipline at school, bullying, puberty, dealing with the pressure and stress of social media, and […]

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How do you resolve conflicts in the family?

All families experience conflict and challenges at times. As Aletha Solter, founder of Aware Parenting, says “The mark of a healthy family is not the absence of conflicts, but the manner in which conflicts are resolved”. More traditional parenting approaches that recommend punishments, rewards, strong discipline and authoritarian strategies, create disconnection and resentment. These approaches […]

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Aware Parenting with Joss

I am so passionate about sharing this beautiful approach with parents. I believe that Aware Parenting is THE solution for so many of the challenges facing the world. - Joss Goulden, Aware Parenting Instructor
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