Aware Parenting Coaching

Parenting can sometimes be really challenging, especially in a culture that doesn't support or understand conscious parenting. The stress of our modern lives, our own family history and the unique needs of our children, mean that we all need support and guidance.

If you are struggling at times, you are not alone and you have come to the right place.
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How Parent Coaching Can Support You

Even though we deeply love our children, there are times when parenting feels frustrating, challenging and unenjoyable. Aware Parenting supports us to find new ways to connect with, support and nurture our children. It teaches us to understand their emotions and behaviour, to tune in to their unique needs and to foster profound closeness. It supports us to parent our children with compassion, presence and respect.
Aware Parenting with Joss provides support and mentoring for:

Supporting your baby to sleep

Find ways to resolve frequent night waking and get better sleep for everyone

Toddler Tantrums

Learn how to lovingly respond to tantrums and melt-downs

Child and Teen Behaviour Issues

Learn how to encourage cooperation and build strong relationships

Child Development & Learning

Gain a greater understanding of children’s needs and development

Parenting Differences and Disagreements

Support to come to the same page with your partner or co-parent

Homeschooling Support

Find support around home schooling and natural learning and how best to help your child to learn.
Aware parenting with Joss supports parents by:
• Building strong and nurturing relationships within your family
• Empowering parents to have more ease in daily life, including with sleep, play and learning
• Building a strong parenting relationship with your partner or co-parent
• Providing guidance on offering limits and saying “No” in loving ways
• Helping parents to learn new tools and strategies that reduce frustration and struggle in parenthood
• Providing support on how to respond to challenging behaviours
•Breaking generational cycles and healing stress and trauma
My sessions provide you with:
• Individualised guidance for your unique family
• Support, compassion and empathy
• A safe and trusting space to explore your thoughts and feelings
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One to One Parental Coaching


Empowering you to create more connection and help your children to be more loving and cooperative


A safe environment, based on trust, empathy and understanding, to bring more clarity and healing


Support for you to offer play and attuned attachment to your child, to enable healing of stress and trauma


Personalised strategies to support your child and to navigate the challenges of parenthood and family life
aware parenting sessions
A variety of options are available to support you on your parenting journey
I offer introductory sessions, packages of sessions, and on-going fortnightly or monthly mentoring.

I also offer voice note support which can be added to the sessions. Half an hour per week of voice note support is an extra $100 +GST.

On-going mentoring includes zoom calls, voice note support and resources. Please contact me so we can create a plan that supports you best.
• One Session
• Three Sessions
• Five Sessions
• Ten Sessions
$164 +GST
$474 +GST
$760 +GST
$1440 +GST
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Kind words

Your parenting coach and mentor

About Joss Goulden

I am a trauma-informed Parenting Coach and a Level 2 Aware Parenting instructor, certified with the Aware Parenting Institute. I have been practising Aware Parenting for 18 years and am the mother of 2 children, aged 20 and 18

I am also passionate about Homeschooling and Natural Learning. I have homeschooled my 2 children and I have been supporting families with Homeschooling and Natural Learning for many years.
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Aware Parenting with Joss

I am so passionate about sharing this beautiful approach with parents. I believe that Aware Parenting is THE solution for so many of the challenges facing the world. - Joss Goulden, Aware Parenting Instructor
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