Aware Parenting Communities

Online communities to support you on your journey with Aware Parenting, to bring more joy and connection to parenthood.

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Connected, engaged communities for Aware Parenting

The Exploring Aware Parenting Community with Danni and Joss

This community provides support and connection with:
• The theory of Aware Parenting and how to put it into practise
• Creating a deeper connection and trust in your child/ren’s feelings and needs
• Exploring, unpacking and healing your own stress and trauma
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The Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Community with Marion and Joss

This community provides support and connection for people who are homeschooling and practicing Aware Parenting. :
• This is a deeply supportive, compassionate, empathic and trusting community
• help your children stay connected to their authentic selves and follow their own path.
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The Exploring Aware Parenting Community with Danni and Joss

What the community includes:

A Monthly Theme

We explore a different theme each month and dive into these topics in depth and share our experiences

Facebook lives and Q&A Session

Three live presentations on the monthly theme followed by a question and answer session with Danni and Joss

Zoom Circle

Join the live circle or send us your reflections to share and then watch the recorded session

Moderated Facebook Group

A place to share such about things that you are finding difficult, to celebrate your achievements, request empathy, or ask any questions on any topic.


Bring more balance, reflection and self-care in relation to the topic


An beautiful journal to start to unpack more about your own beliefs and inner stories and imprints


Recommended additional resources such as further reading, podcasts and self reflection prompts


Form a connection with an empathy buddy or listening partner and build supportive relationships in the group

What will I receive from the community?

This community is about holding, supporting and nurturing you on your Aware Parenting journey, and offers you:
• Deep understanding of the theory and practice of Aware Parenting.
• Creating a deeper connection of our trust in your child/ren’s feelings and needs.
• Understanding how to apply Aware Parenting principles in your home.
• Understanding your children's behaviour and how to support them back to balance
• Support to unpack why listening to feelings can be so hard.
• Guidance to use attachment play to help your children to be cooperative and feel connected.
• Understanding why our own listening time is so valuable.
• Support to heal your hurts from your own childhood experiences so you can be free to support your own unique children.
• Being part of a community of like-minded families who are passionate about Aware Parenting

Our themes

Month one:
What is Aware Parenting and how does it differ from other parenting paradigms?
Month two:
Listening to feelings, raging and tantrums.
Month three:
Control patterns.
Month four:
Attachment play.
Month five:
Healing from trauma & accumulated feelings, from birth onwards
Month six:
How to learn to trust our children
Month seven:
Responding to challenging behaviour and common struggles
Month eight:
Loving limits
Month nine:
Healing our pain & getting support
Month ten:
Parenting without punishment and rewards
Month eleven:
Violence & aggression
Month twelve:
Building community & embodying Aware Parenting in the home
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Your Aware Parenting Mentors

We have a combined 21 years of experience of Aware Parenting. We are both passionate about the power of Aware Parenting to change the world.
Danni Willow
Joss Goulden
We look forward to welcoming you to our community and walking alongside you on your Aware Parenting Journey.

Join the community

This community opens for new members every September.
Express your interest to join in 2024
The Community doors will re-open again in September 2024.

Please note:
• A flexible monthly direct debit payment option is available, which will be debited on the same date each month. If you choose the monthly payment, you are still signing up for the year so that we ask that you check in with yourself to see if you are willing for that.
• If you are experiencing financial difficulty but would love to join our community, please contact us to discuss payment options.
• Add to your address box to ensure all emails go directly to your inbox

We are looking forward to supporting you in bringing more awareness and connection to your family life.
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Kind words

The Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Community

This community is inclusive and supportive and provides deeply empathic and compassionate assistance to parents who are choosing to practice aware parenting whilst supporting their children's learning at home, free from school.

During the year-long community we dive into the history and purpose of schools, why Aware Parenting and Natural learning go together so well, how children learn, the cultural conditioning around school, healing school trauma, cultivating trust, control patterns, loving limits and play.

The doors to this community are currently closed. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

Your Aware Parenting Mentors

The Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Community is run by Marion Rose and Joss Goulden. Wehave 38 years combined experience of Aware Parenting and Natural Learning and we are both Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructors.
Joss Goulden
Marion Rose
We are both deeply passionate about supporting people to thrive when supporting their children’s learning at home. We love to share our experiences and offer support, empathy, reassurance and information.
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Aware Parenting with Joss

I am so passionate about sharing this beautiful approach with parents. I believe that Aware Parenting is THE solution for so many of the challenges facing the world. - Joss Goulden, Aware Parenting Instructor
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