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Kind words from my valued clients

Working with Joss is like being an alchemist's apprentice, learning from a very skilled and compassionate alchemist that has many methods of turning lead into gold. Sitting with Joss gives me the strength and greater skills to witness myself through my experience of life. I have more patience and unconditional love for my own pains and can accept that life is an unfolding process that always deserves to be met with love. She is the voice in my head when its too hard to love myself through a challenging feeling or circumstance and it guides me to return to inner love. This informs my parenting to be more authentically unconditionally loving and I have the words to use to help repair with my children in times of rupture and to accept them in times of struggle. This process translates to all of my relationships, I feel more loving and more compassionate with no effort, it is simply a growing humming inside of me. Working with Joss is keeping me on the fast track of turning my lead into gold, every apprentice needs a master and I have found that in Joss.


Thank you so much for your Aware Partnering in Parenthood course. I was hoping to do it together with my husband, but he didn’t want to join me unfortunately. I knew I needed to do something to change how things were going in our family though, so I went ahead and did the course by myself. I found that it has helped me so much to understand how I can support myself in the hard times in our family. It has really helped me to find it easier to support my children too and I can now respond to my husband in ways that mean we have fewer arguments and less fighting about parenting. Even though he didn’t do any of the course with me, I really see already less conflict between us and how much clearer I am about parenting and about why I want to keep supporting my children in this way. Thank you so much for the support and information. It has made a big difference to our family.


My partner and I have learnt about ourselves and each other and our relationship by doing your Aware partnering in Parenthood course. The way it is structured is really helpful to get clearer together about why we are choosing to aware parent and how we can do it in a more connected way. The part of the course that explores the impact of our childhood on our parenting was a real revelation to both of us. We have noticed that using many of the strategies that you recommend has brought our family closer together. The section where you describe the basics of Aware parenting was also really helpful as it had been me who had been doing all the reading and learning up till this point. The reflections at the end of each section were also really powerful and we have now started having regular meetings each week to reflect on how things are going and how we want things to be. Thank you so much for this really helpful course.


"Thank-you so much for the amazing course over the last couple of weeks. You made the class feel so safe and welcome. You tied all the aware parenting concepts together for me and filled in some gaps that I had. The way that you answered our questions with so much love and empathy is such a beautiful gift. I especially enjoyed the breakout rooms where we could share our reflections with other participants. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to know more about aware parenting. Thank-you for sharing your incredible knowledge with us."

"Joss is an amazing listener. I have seen several therapists over the years and none have welcomed my feelings as much as Joss does. I feel deeply held and understood in our sessions. She not only creates a sense of safety but also provides encouragement and ideas to further support myself without triggering shame or making me feel that I am not doing enough. Her understanding of Aware Parenting runs deep. It is clear she has taken in the principles and has practiced them for many years.
I thought I understood how to offer loving limits, but with Joss' gentle guidance, a lightbulb went off and I was able to practice loving limits far more effectively. This led to profound experiences while my daughter was learning to use the potty. My daughter had the maturity, knowledge and everything she needed to go for it but something was holding her back. Joss helped me and my husband offer her loving limits and we discovered so many feelings under the surface of our bright and thriving girl. We watched her go into positions that mimicked her birth and she cried and raged for many hours with us over the course of 6 weeks. It was challenging to be with all her feelings, but we could see a shift after each big cry. She was lighter, more easy-going, chatty and had no signs of resentment that we offered her a loving limit. Best of all, she started using the potty of her own free will! We didn't have to bribe her or force her and now we trust her more than we did before because we understand there are real reasons for her resistance to things. I highly recommend working with Joss if you have your own feelings coming up or if you would like help with parenting challenges."
I recently did Joss’s workshop. Joss is a beautiful human and it was such a personal experience. It was the most incredible workshop/learning experience. I felt so nurtured which resonated with me because I could feel how our children feel when they are surrounded by aware parenting. Joss, I love how real you are and that no one gets it right all of the time, and how it’s ok to take a break if we can’t do all the things in a particular moment.
It was such a powerful and beautiful experience. I am always too anxious to be an active participant which was not my experience this time - I felt totally at ease to fully engage, participate, share and be vulnerable and I am so grateful for that. I am so incredibly excited to continue to learn more. Thank you thank you thank you!

I attended Joss’s Aware Parenting workshop and had so many aha moments with aware parenting but also a deeper finding of myself. Joss sat in deep compassion with me in this space. Joss you are a wealth of information and made me feel so deeply seen and heard.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and kindness with me.


So grateful for this wonderful workshop on the weekend. Thank you Joss. I remembered our why and I am feeling inspired. Everything is learning. Learning is living and being together


Joss is so insightful and covers lots of interesting ideas with her guests that add to the experience of Aware parenting. Her voice is also quite soothing. Great evening listening!


I just adore listening to your beautiful podcast episodes. Thank you so much for all the work you do. The way that you ask questions and present the information is so helpful and the way that you listen is really inspiring. Thank you for everything that you do in the world.


I am really enjoying your podcast. Thank you for this wonderful episode which I plan to share with my partner. I love how simply the information is presented- perfect for someone who is new to these concepts. My partner is really keen to get on board with aware parenting and I was struggling to find something that gives a good broad overview. This episode is perfect! Thanks again and keep up the great work


Thank you thank you for your beautiful podcasts. The right one and topic just seem to show up in my life at the right moment! I just loved the chat with Linde, it was beautiful and just hit home in many ways. Hearing your voice also has a lovely grounding and calming energy, so thank you!-


Something deeply resonated with me from the beginning after listening to Joss's podcast and hearing her passion for both Aware Parenting and natural learning. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Joss support me. Joss has supported me through specific parenting concerns I needed advice on, as well as delving into my own personal stories and reparenting journey. I can't speak highly enough of Joss and everything she has done to support me and my family on our journey so far. She is warm, kind, compassionate and patient. Her capacity to hold space for me has been amazing to experience. She is a wealth of knowledge and her passion for both Aware Parenting and natural leaning is so clear. Thank you Joss for all you are and have done, it's truely appreciated.


I’m going to do Joss Goulden’s aware parenting with teenagers course. As her friend and colleague and fellow Aware Parenting instructor, I have witnessed her relationship with her teenagers, and I am always in such awe and wonderment of the relationship she has co-created with them. I see how she lives and breathes Aware Parenting with her teens and embodies the teachings of the Aware Parenting approach with such depth and beauty. However long we have been practising Aware Parenting for, I think we can always learn more and dive deeper and refresh on things we already know. I recommend Joss's course so highly to anyone and everyone, whether you’ve been practising Aware Parenting for 20 years as I have, or whether you are brand-new to it.


I thoroughly enjoy Joss’ teenagers course. Her competence, clarity and kindness are ever present. I find myself feeling into a sense of deep relaxation and ease that I imagine is abundantly available to her own teenage children. A deeply loving, fun and laughter filled experience.


"I’ve loved Aware Parenting for helping me understand my children’s needs and to support them feeling and expressing themselves in the world. Now that they’re all tweens and teens I’m so grateful that Joss Goulden has created the Aware Parenting Teenagers Course. Parenting this age group can feel like a lot to navigate and I’m so glad I have support and company and practical advice to lean into!"


Thank you for the space and support. It was so helpful to reconnect with my deep longing for connection with my kids below my frustration and annoyance. I felt a shift internally.  I just listened, touched his arm, validated and agreed...  It was the nicest, deepest, most ‘real’ conversation I’ve had with him in years! Thank you so much for holding the space for me, which I’m quite sure enabled that shift in our dynamic. Thank you so much.

Then I really wanted to share this with you: Tonight my 14 year old, was doing his usual thing alone in his room. But when was going to bed he came to say goodnight and gave me a hug (usually just says goodnight from the hallway) and mentioned something sad.  I felt the sadness in his body as he hugged me, he was close to tears. I held him and listened and he cried as he told me about a sad story he’d read on instagram. We then had a lovely deep conversation about this issue, he cried a bit more, about this story and it’s impact and his fears.


My relationship with my 15 yo has improved so much. The power struggle had been developing and I lost touch with how much I love her. I really have paid attention to the connection. Strengthening that connection has made such an improvement! It was all still there right under the surface and it is so beautiful.


I am so glad that I am a part of Joss's Aware Parenting Teenager Course. Having support and community is so important on our journey and I just LOVE Joss's support. I love her empathy, her presence, care and love but also her amazing wisdom and experience.  I am so grateful to have her support and this community to fall back to when I want or need to. I know I will be received with care and love with whatever is there for me and that is so nourishing and valuable to have.  If you are thinking of joining or working with Joss, I highly recommend it.

Parenting and the teenage years are not always easy to navigate, for me it is so reassuring to know that Joss is there to reach out to when I have questions coming up or would love to receive reassurance or hear her experience.

Being part of a community, hearing you are not the only one with the same challenges and feelings leaves me feeling less alone. There is an unseen bond between the parents that are part of this course, I really value and appreciate this connection as well. It is like having each other’s back.


Listening to them is my superpower now, thanks to you and aware parenting.  We chat more often now, almost everyday. I hope all parents out there will have the courage just to listen more to their kids


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the workshop last week. I left feeling so inspired and confident about the next steps for my family. Your knowledge and understanding of aware parenting is extraordinary and I learnt so so much from you. Thank you for sharing in this way. I also loved the handouts and the reflections that you provided and I have found myself thinking deeply about many of these things since the workshop. I am really looking forward to the next one, so please let me know when it going to be available. Thank you so much


I attended Joss’ workshop ‘Aware Parenting and Natural Learning. I found her to be incredibly compassionate, understanding, clear and concise when it came to sharing specific content around Aware Parenting and her on personal experience with the schooling system, and how this contributed to her decision to home school/ natural learn. She also discussed the Aware Parenting principles of learning in great detail. I really enjoyed hearing Joss explain the different types of learning, how children learn best and how this is very deeply connected with the Aware Parenting philosophy. Joss opened up the conversation at the end so that everyone could share and discuss their concerns and questions around home learning.

Throughout the workshop she linked personal experiences to Aware Parenting theory and how this has supported her and her children over the years of natural learning. She gave examples of when Aware Parenting was supportive in creating co-op’s with other parents, understanding the different ways children learn, moving away from punishments and rewards and how to incorporate democratic parenting and learning. Joss spoke about her experiences openly and courageously. She gave incredibly supportive feedback, suggests and ideas for everyone to take away and begin unpacking for themselves.

It was such a wonderful workshop I have asked Joss to run another one online again so that more parents who are also thinking of natural learning/home schooling can hear this very important knowledge and wisdom.


Thank you so much for your workshop yesterday. I gained so much. Your journey with your children is really inspiring and I could really hear your passion for natural learning woven through the workshop.


What a relief this group is.

In a culture that holds schooling as critical, not going to school is hard.

Each fortnight I could bring my worries, wondering and woundings to our group.

This NL&AwP group holds deep wisdom and gave me the support to keep making the wisest choices.

I am in a very different space at the end of this year than I was at the start.

Thank you, deeply


Joining the Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Community last year was an easy decision for me. Although I am not yet homeschooling, I have a huge desire to do so.

I knew I still had concerns in relation to being able to homeschool my daughter and what that may look like.

I was also looking for a community of like minded people who could help support my transition to homeschooling.

What I found in the NLC was so much more than I ever expected.

You could not ask for more experienced and loving mentors in Marion and Joss.

With 40+ years of combined experience between them in Aware Parenting, homeschooling and Natural Learning, they can offer such an incredible perspective to anyone, at all stages of your journey.

Along with all the practical aspects of supporting home learners, the community is an incredible place to feel seen and heard with unconditional loving compassion and deep empathy.

Like so many people, I have experienced deep trauma and pain from my schooling years, so embarking on this journey has been both scary and deeply healing.

If you are wanting the most loving support for yourself, so that you can be present and connected with your child/ren whilst home learning, I can highly recommend this community.

Thank you Joss and Marion for creating this space. It has already made a big and lasting difference to our lives.


I am here to offer my gratitude and appreciation to all of you and to Joss Goulden and Marion Rose for creating, supporting, and guiding this group. It was an inspiring experience for me in so many ways.

I was not willing to give as much time and attention as I had hoped when I entered the group but I did so love the times I was willing to be present and share with you all.

When I entered the group I was not totally clear on what I want for my daughter's learning experience to be rooted in and now I know that I want her to be in a natural learning environment and what I am willing to do to create this for her. This group also gave me the opening to revisit and give love and compassion to many of my past hurts from my own school years. I have so much gratitude for this.


These last few days/weeks I am feeling a very deep sense of trust in our natural learning journey. I was so uncertain and doubting myself at the beginning of the year. I felt worried we had no structure, I felt concerned we had no direction. I was frustrated with how we were spending our days. But now I am feeling calm and enjoying our natural learning. This group and sense of community has been a huge part of that. I feel deeply connected to my kids and trusting of their journey. I know it is right for us. The decolonisation topic really helped me with that I used to have so much worry about whether I was doing the right thing and how my kids would 'turn out'.

Then I had this realisation...even if they're grown up, living at home, pursuing their own interests, hanging out with me (so basically how it is now) then I would be so happy and proud of them. It felt like 'there is no way I can get this wrong' if I keep on this path of connecting with them and always learning and growing myself.

Also me: lots of moments feeling frustrated, bored, irritable and disconnected. But the backdrop is full of joy and trust in this process.


Aware Parenting and natural learning is such a natural combination. Each have their challenges, and more so because the world is not currently oriented to support parenting this way. To have a space that champions and normalises both Aware Parenting and natural learning is such a gift.

I loved the combination of resources that this space offers. Focusing on one aspect each month helped to keep things simple and created a chance for deep learning across a wide range of topics. Having Facebook lives was a wonderful way to learn new information (or remember things known, but forgotten!), the Zoom calls were a beautiful way to feel connected and seen, and to receive compassionate listening. The Facebook community served as a great space to stay connected, to reach out for help and to support each other.

Joss and Marion offer unparalleled experience and knowledge. They’ve provided the most compassionate, loving facilitation I’ve experienced anywhere. Truly a model for what online learning, support and community spaces can be. It is the very embodiment of natural learning and the principles of Aware Parenting, in action.

I highly recommend this community. It is a beautiful way to immerse yourself in the principles of both natural learning and Aware Parenting, and to become part of a community of people with similar visions for their family and the world


When I joined this group I was feeling confused and unsettled in my home ed journey. I had a lot of old beliefs and old hurts from the domination culture that were preventing me from trusting myself and my children. I was also feeling a longing for community and a sense of helplessness around that.

Thanks to this community, I have shed so many layers of conditioning and school hurts. I am in a place of deep trust for each of my children's journeys with natural learning.

I am learning to follow their lead and learning and re-learning to drop my agenda of how things should be or what my kids are interested in.

I feel deeply connected to my kids and trusting of their journey. I know it is right for us. The decolonisation topic really helped me with that.

I used to have so much worry about whether I was doing the right thing and how my kids would 'turn out'.

Then I had this realisation...even if they're grown up, living at home, pursuing their own interests, hanging out with me (so basically how it is now) then I would be so happy and proud of them. It felt like 'there is no way I can get this wrong' if I keep on this path of connecting with them and always learning and growing myself.


Being part of Joss' and Marion's Natural Learning Community was a very healing experience for me. I have never before been part of a space that is so accepting, caring and supportive. The Natural Learning Community is a space that is the opposite of the DDC, a warm, loving space with real connection and acceptance of each individual's path. I am so deeply grateful to have experienced what this is like!

Over the past year, Joss and Marion took great care and time to feel and understand what's going on for me in individual situations and to support me by hearing me, sending love and trust and also making very helpful practical suggestions. These conversations often facilitated big shifts in stuck energy for me.

I also really enjoyed growing into the community and receiving and giving support to other parents and learning from them.

Thank you so much for this incredible space!!


The online Aware Parenting Community with Danni and Joss has been one of the most compassionate, safe and nourishing spaces to be in over the past twelve months. These two AMAZING Aware Parenting instructors collaborate in such a way that creates pure magic.

In the monthly Facebook live sessions, Danni & Joss refine the art of weaving theory, wisdom and story-telling together to create truely profound discussions. It felt like exclusive access to your own personal podcast series. Such a wide variety of insightful topics were covered which were guaranteed to be informative, interactive and totally relatable to our daily lives as parents.

For me personally, an absolute highlight of this membership were the monthly Zoom meetings. There was something so special about connecting with like-minded parents and sharing the challenges that parenting brings. Danni & Joss always held the most sacred and safe space within these live calls; allowing everyone to share vulnerably and honestly. All of our feelings were welcomed, and we were only ever met with love, compassion and empathy. I left every single zoom meeting feeling heard, seen, understood and acknowledged..this feeling was truely priceless!

Danni & Joss - you have created such a wonderful resource for parents to experience. Thank you both for the work that you do, it is so so important to this world. Now everyone else - go check it out!…if you are looking for a place to feel uplifted and supported by an epic group of people, the Exploring Aware Parenting Community is for you!


Being a part of Joss and Danni’s community during the first year of motherhood has been an invaluable lifeline for me. I’m so grateful I came across Aware Parenting and then found this group - the deeply compassionate holding of people’s experiences, worries and joys was a source of great hope and support for me as I navigated this enormous transition. The wisdom shared and resources signposted have laid the foundation for what I hope will be a lifetime of Aware Parenting for me and the beginnings of my own journey to share this beautiful and important work. Thank you so much


I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful community you've created. Your knowledge and the way you present it have been truly incredible. During times when I needed support and understanding, I found it in our discussions. Your warmth and genuine care have made me feel truly seen and valued.

Thank you for your encouragement and love


Danni and Joss create a space where one can be held, affirmed and guided both gently and sometimes even with a little fire towards their patenting potential. It’s very evident that a lot of thought and care goes into each months topics, content, guides and questions; these are invitations to dive in or gently nibble at the offerings as best suits the busy parent on their journey at this time. Thanks I do so appreciate all Joss and Danni are doing in the world.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in this amazing podcast. My family has completely transformed after listening and I especially enjoy the episodes you do in conversation with Danni. I really appreciate that you always share so honestly about the struggles and messy parts of family life too and I feel so supported on my motherhood journey after listening. I am so grateful to you for all the time and thought you put into every episode. I love this podcast.

The things I’ve learned so far from these two ladies has already had a huge positive impact on our family.

It has helped us, parents and child alike, to mature and strengthen. Once seemingly pointless and disruptive conflict has been almost entirely replaced with empathy and resilience creation. And that’s after less than 2mths!!

Absolutely recommend jumping onboard. There is beautiful support, no judgment and SO much value!!

Danni and Joss are wonderful

Angie, Western Australia

Joss is an immense wealth of parental knowledge and advice.

Coming from a deep seat of compassion and empathy, Joss has supported me in my journey though the pitfalls of parenthood and given me the support and knowledge I needed to navigate my darkest moments with my children.

Being a single Father with a majority of custody, Joss has supported my path forward, not only with regards to my children, but also with their mother and the dynamic that intertwines that triangle of power.

Whether it was listening to her podcasts or dealing direct in one on one consultations, Joss has helped my family come back to the basics of connection, awareness, love and joy with a big focus on the beauty and healing properties of play and loving support.

From dealing with learning disorders, homeschooling, depression & anxiety, drugs & alcohol and just plain defiance, joss has helped me across the full spectrum of childhood issues with a calm, balanced and conscious energy that invigorates you and leaves you feeling like there is hope.

These little humans don’t come with an instruction manual so it is so comforting to know that people like Joss are around to help those of us who are struggling.

Good conscious parenting is hard, but the rewards are bountiful and there is nothing more fulfilling in this world than watching our children thrive and learn the ways of this world under the safety of our care and guidance in a connected and balanced way.

Thank you for your help and guidance.


My partner and I love working with Joss. Joss has such a wealth of experience in Aware Parenting and her approach is grounded & deeply caring. We contacted Joss because our toddler really struggled with the transition to having a new baby brother. I recall thinking many times in the initial months after having our second baby, ‘oh I’m having yet another unenjoyable parenting moment, and another, and another!!’. I felt emotionally stretched and worn out, and so did my partner.

Our sessions with Joss have supported us to prioritise more self care & nurturing, foster deep compassion for ourselves and our little ones, listen with abundant presence to big feelings, play with the magical powers of play & continue the journey of re-parenting ourselves! That’s a whole lot of value isn’t it!! I highly recommend Joss - she’s an empowering super-power coach who has supported us to access our own super-powers more and more. Big hearted appreciation to you Joss

Lulu, Victoria

I was struggling with parenting my 9 year old son and 6 year old daughter particularly around having firm boundaries and being consistent. I was talking to a friend of mine and saying I need a parenting coach and she mentioned Joss and aware parenting. I had never heard of aware parenting and looked it up. It immediately resonated with me so I got in touch with Joss.

In only a short time Joss was able to explain to me very clearly the principles of aware parenting and how they work. She listened with compassion as I told her the struggles I have been experiencing and gave me some really good practical tips which when I put them into practice really worked. I actually thought I would need to see Joss for a long time as I was feeling quite pessimistic about things changing at the start, but I was surprised that just by adding some new techniques from aware parenting how effective it was.

My partner was a little sceptical at first as he thought it was about permissive parenting but he soon realised he was wrong. He saw how the changes we both made improved things and he really started to understand the way it works.

It was clear to me that Joss is really passionate about what she does and I felt very supported by her throughout my parenting challenges.

Thank you Joss

Skye, Western Australia

I find myself truly blessed with having Joss’s support in my life.

Her gentle, calm, loving and tender presence is like a warm light shining on me in our sessions.

I feel safe with Joss, to explore my inner worlds and I really love how she holds the space for me and how she gently and subtly guides me in connecting to my feelings and needs, and in expressing them.

I also love learning from her and her experiences.

My heart feels warm and loving when I think of Joss, and my life is definitely more valuable because of having met her, and knowing that she is here for me too.

I wish you would live close by.

Vivien, Switzerland
I have been blessed to have witnessed Joss interact with her kids from an AwP perspective for over a decade now. She is one of the most dedicated and patient parents I know. Her children are living proof that this model of child rearing is nothing short of miraculous.
Joss has a graceful way of explaining and demonstrating AwP principles so that they can be implemented without any confusion.
She also has a gift of playfulness which has left us both in fits of laughter many times - a priceless thing to have passed on to her kids. She continues to inspire me on my AWP journey on a weekly basis.

I know that Aware Parenting is Joss's passion and life choice. She always shows empathy, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love. Joss is well known as an empathetic and nurturing woman. She is a mentor to me and to many, children and adults both, during times of challenge and as life support. Joss is easy to talk to and provides a non judgemental space where you feel comfortable and relaxed to be in. I know that I can trust Joss . She is a truly great listener and can hear for the real issues underneath the surface and help me to fully address them. She is always looking for the best solution for both long term and short term.

Joss makes a huge difference in the lives of so many women and children. With a warm heart and a genuine love of people Joss is my generosity mentor, she goes above and beyond, always with love and kindness as her goal. She is clear and can confidently communicate the concepts of Aware Parenting.

Lisa, Western Australia

I loved chatting with Joss. She creates such a safe space to explore the parenting journey, with no judgement and lots of guilt dissolution! Joss has come up with a couple of super simple to implement ideas to help reduce parental worry/anxiety and transform it into trust & to strengthen connection.

I highly recommend working with her

Helen, Western Australia

I have known Joss since 2006 and am in awe of what she brings to the world as an Aware Parenting Instructor. Her profound knowledge, wisdom and experience of Aware Parenting shine out in every interaction she has with parents, whether that's in Zoom calls, in our Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Community or in written responses in our free Facebook group. I've seen the relief on parents' faces and the drop in their shoulders as she shares her experiences with her children and the deep trust she has in Aware Parenting and the parent-child relationship through deeply living this approach over the past 15 years. I highly, broadly and widely recommend working with her.

Marion Rose, PhD.

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Explore my Aware Parenting articles
My articles describe how to support our children, as well as how to support ourselves. I also write about Homeschooling and Natural Learning.
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I am so passionate about sharing this beautiful approach with parents. I believe that Aware Parenting is THE solution for so many of the challenges facing the world. - Joss Goulden, Aware Parenting Instructor
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