Aware Partnering in Parenthood Course

Guiding your way to the same page in parenting
Conflict and struggles between parents are part of almost every consultation I offer to parents. Whatever the unique circumstances of your family, it is inevitable that there will be times of disagreement and disaccord. This course will give you tools to use in your families to bring you more harmony and connection, in your relationship with your partner as well as your relationships with your children. It supports you to navigate the stresses of parenting, whether you are together with the other parent of your children, separated from them or in a blended family. The course is designed to be completed alone by yourself or together with your partner or shared with your co-parent.

This course will guide you to the same page in parenting with your partner/co-parent and support you to bring the principles and theory of the Aware Parenting framework to your relationships. This course looks at how we can use the core components of compassion and connection that lie under all of the Aware Parenting approach, to shape our relationships.

The course is a self-paced set of 9 modules, containing videos and prompts for reflections, resources and meditations. It is all based on the principles of Aware Parenting developed by Aletha Solter Ph.D. a developmental psychologist and internationally renowned expert on attachment, trauma and non-punitive discipline.

Aware Parenting is a way of parenting consciously and offering presence and empathy to our children. This framework can then shape all the relationships in our families and guides us in navigating the challenges of modern family life.

Aware Parenting also supports parents to release and heal the painful feelings we still carry, to explore our core beliefs and to meet our own needs. We are then more able to be the parent we want to be and have beautiful loving connections with our children and respectful and connected relationships with our partner/co-parent.

I would love to ask you...

Do you find yourself arguing with your partner or co-parent about parenting?

Do you have very different approaches to raising children or just overwhelmed at times in parenting and seeing this affecting your relationship with the other parent of your child/ren?

Are you often fighting about how to respond to the children, how to manage their behaviour and how to offer discipline?

Are you wanting to raise your children with conscious connection and awareness and wondering how to bring your partner or co-parent on board?

Or are you separated from the other parent of your child/ren and wanting ways to navigate the complexities of family life in healthy and connected ways?

Are you part of a step or blended family and wanting to create a functional and connected family to ride the often complicated emotions and dynamics that can arise for everyone?

Or are you a single parent in a relationship with a new partner who is not the parent of your child and you are wanting to find ways to parent and co-parent with them?
Whatever your individual circumstances of your family, if you are wanting more connected and compassionate relationships in your family, this course is for you!

Course Inclusions

Course Units
This course will help you to understand Aware Parenting with your partner or co-parent and navigate the challenges of our modern families, with awareness and connection. It will turn conflict into connection, criticism into curiosity and complications into clarity. It will support you to bring communication, compassion and closeness to your relationship with the other parent of your child.

The 9 modules cover:

Module One
The stresses of Aware Partnering whatever the circumstances in our families - how living in nuclear families with all the stresses of our modern lives bring pressure and challenge to our parental relationships.

Module Two
Your visions for your unique family, your role as parent and your relationship with the other parent of your children.

Module Three
The basics of Aware Parenting explained in a short video, brief enough for any reluctant partner to watch or listen to.

Module Four
A - The impact of our childhood on our parenting and how our parenting is shaped by how we were raised.
B - What we can do when we get activated by our children or our partner/co-parent, so we respond rather than reacting.

Module Five
Supporting ourselves, especially in times of conflict, and nourishing healthy connected relationships between our children and their other parent.

Module Six
Learning to listen to feelings and offering empathy to our children and ourselves. Supporting the expression of feelings in ways that promote healing.

Module Seven
Learning to listen to feelings and offering empathy to our partners/the other parent of our children. Finding acceptance and compassion for our partners/co-parent.

Module Eight
Supporting our children and ourselves at times of disconnection and conflict and parenting after separation.

Module Nine
How to work as a team, how to collaborate and partner in parenting. Strategies for creating harmony where there was disharmony and nourishing strong respectful relationships.
Included Resources
In addition to the videos, there is audio presentations for people who prefer to listen, reflection booklets with prompts for exploration and healing, as well as additional resources, and meditations.
Lifetime Access
Lifetime access to the videos, pdf's and reflection books on each of the topics.

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About Joss Goulden

I'm Joss Goulden and I have been practising Aware Parenting for 17 years and I have 2 teenage children, aged 19 and 17. I have been together with my partner for 33 years and have navigated many ups and downs of family life during that time. I am a Level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor. I am so passionate about this beautiful approach with families because I have seen how powerfully transformative Aware Parenting is for all our relationships. I support parents in 1 to 1 in-person and zoom consultations, frequently working with couples and have seen innumerable times how transformative Aware Parenting is in all of the families I work with. Whatever unique circumstances best describe your family, this approach brings you compassion and connection.

I am the host of the Aware Parenting Stories Podcast, the co-host of the Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Podcast with Marion Rose, I run the Aware Parenting and Natural Learning Community with Marion Rose and the Exploring Aware Parenting Community with Danni Willow. I support clients in individual sessions, groups workshops, courses, articles and through presentations. I run Mother's Circles and have a free Introduction to Aware Parenting course (and many other free articles and videos) on my website.

I am passionate about the power of Aware Parenting to change the world, one relationship at a time.
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Aware Parenting with Joss

I am so passionate about sharing this beautiful approach with parents. I believe that Aware Parenting is THE solution for so many of the challenges facing the world. - Joss Goulden, Aware Parenting Instructor
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